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ESG In Everything We Do

Crown considers ESG at every step of the real estate investment lifecycle. Our model of active, integrated management prioritizes environmental and social sustainability preserves and creates the greatest value for all our stakeholders.



Real estate is a long-term investment and extreme weather events caused by climate change present potential physical risks to property. With our value-add lens, Crown assesses climate hazards to identify buildings that might face greater risks and implement risk mitigation and adaptation strategies, allowing us to set action plans and budget accordingly.

Crown plans to continue to strive for further reductions across our Core Fund Portfolio by targeting the following goals by 2023:


Reduction in energy use intensity


A 29% reduction has been achieved as of 2021.


Reduction in water use intensity


A 52% reduction has been achieved as of 2021.


Capture rate for non-hazardous waste


A 51% reduction has been achieved as of 2021. We are working towards our target by encouraging additional recycling streams, providing more detailed instruction regarding waste diversion through tenant learning sessions and our tenant handbook.


Reduction in GHG emissions


A 30% reduction has been achieved as of 2021.

Certifications & Awards

Crown has achieved excellence in sustainability through the following awards and certifications. Crown recognizes the importance of transparency in our ESG performance data and disclosures. We report our ESG metrics across several industry-leading platforms, including GRESB, Energy Star, LEED, BOMA and others.

BOMA Best Certified

LEED Certified

WiredScore Certified

BOMA Building Excellence


race2reduce CREST Awards


Fitwel Viral Response

Bullfrog Powered


Community Building

Crown’s commitment to creating a smarter, more responsible model for commercial real estate investing and management extends beyond the walls of our buildings and boundaries of our properties, to our local communities.


green leasing

Incorporate Green Lease clauses and improve implementation and tracking across Fund Portfolio


Crown’s Standard Lease includes Green Lease terms; As renewals take place, green lease clauses are incorporated.


Fitwel certification for 100% of Fund Portfolio by 2025


24% of Fund Portfolio is certified. Another 38% is registered for review with Fitwel and is expected to be certified by 2025.


Align Crown’s charitable giving with our commitment to DEI


Crown’s ESG Committee selected four key charities that support the underprivileged in our local communities in which we operate. We continue to advance our charitable giving and facilitate our team to participate in their own philanthropic efforts.


We recognize that people are our greatest asset, strengthened by the diversity and differences they bring with them.

Our talent highlights include:


increase in employee headcount in the past year


spent on learning & development


of senior management are women


of employees have an educational goal included in their annual performance review


Crown Scores 2nd in the Americas in 2022 GRESB

For the fourth consecutive year, Crown’s submission on behalf of its Core Fund of office properties achieved a 5-star ratingCrown outperformed its previous achievements with a score of 91 and an outstanding performance ranking of 2nd in its peer group of non-listed, core, closed end office in the Americas. Read more.


Advisory Board

Crown has an Advisory Board to offer sound advice to Crown’s owners who are involved in the operations of the business.

Learn More


ESG committee

ESG in Everything We Do

For Crown, responsible management integrates ESG factors throughout the investment lifecycle. When we can identify potential risks early on, we can have a material impact on value creation.

Sustainable Investments Team

This group of dedicated and forward-thinking professionals is committed to aligning our investment strategies with ESG considerations and decarbonization goals.

esg sustainable investments team

Monica Di Zio, Director, Marketing and Innovation; Anna Huang, Director, Sustainable Investments; Erica Lam, Director, Sustainability Strategy; Vivien Wong, Sustainability Coordinator, together with Managing Partner, Investments, Emily Hanna, who oversees the ESG Strategy for the firm.

ESG Committee

Crown’s ESG Committee is responsible for advancing Crown’s ESG strategy. Together with the professionals pictured above, the Committee consists of a cross-section of Crown’s leadership team across different geographies, departments, and roles. Together, the members serve as champions of positive change who collaborate to ensure that each business unit is working to achieve complementary goals. The Committee consists of the following members:

Jorge Da Silva

Jorge Da Silva


Eileen Illingworth

Eileen Illingworth

Ottawa Portfolio

Jeanette Morrison

Jeanette Morrison


Stefan Teague

Stefan Teague


Melanie Miller

Melanie Miller

Tenant Experience

Fernanda Grist

Fernanda Grist

Property Management

Zachary Provost

Zachary Provost

Asset Management

Rainu Singh

Rainu Singh

Human Resources

Seyi Laja

Seyi Laja


Melanie Yu

Melanie Yu

Finance and Reporting

100% physical climate risk assessment

In 2020 we integrated environmental and climate risk assessments into the acquisition process to identify opportunities for improving performance.

Assessing Climate Risks

Crown assesses climate risks through physical and transition risk analyses. Crown plans to develop a net zero transition plan for the Core Fund to evaluate the feasibility and develop a pathway to achieving significant carbon reductions at each property.

Physical Risks

Crown considers relevant climate hazards such as:

  • Low/high temperatures.
  • Extreme precipitation, winds and pluvial flooding.
  • Snowstorms, freeze-thaw cycles
  • Drought, Riverine Flooding.

Transitional Risks

This review involves consideration of:

  • Market variables.
  • Stakeholder expectations.
  • Policy and regulatory changes.
  • Shifts in building technologies.

Climate Risk Assessment

Climate Risk Assessment

Net Zero Carbon Transition Plans

Net Zero Carbon Transition Plans

ESG Through The Years

ESG 2020 Report ESG 2021 Report