Crown specializes in optimizing every detail of a commercial property to maximize value. Crown’s interests are always aligned with those of our investors our partners benefit from a strong alignment of interests as Crown Partners commit to co-invest.


Crown is committed to generating superior returns for investors while providing better workplaces for businesses that choose to operate within our portfolio. The partners of Crown co-invest, ensuring strong alignment of interests with investors.

Effective Deal Sourcing

Effective Deal Sourcing

In-depth market knowledge and industry contacts

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Disciplined and thorough due diligence



Responsive asset and portfolio management strategies

Innovative Thinking

Innovative Thinking

Original leasing and marketing plans



Harvesting alternative revenue streams

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Tailor-made financing strategies



Timely and accurate reporting on an IFRS (or other standard accounting) basis



Our goal is to maximize risk-adjusted returns to investors


Crown has a well established track record, an experienced team and takes a hands-on approach real estate management. Crown offers a diverse set of investment vehicles, including co-ownerships, partnerships and limited partnership funds.

Crown Realty Limited Partnership

Created 2006
$74 million of equity
$188 million of assets
Net IRR of 16.3%

Crown Realty II Limited Partnership

Created 2009
$142 million of equity
$260 million of assets
Net IRR of 20.8%

cr iii lp

Crown Realty III Limited Partnership

Created 2013
$165.5 million of equity
$410 million of assets
Fully invested
Value creation underway

Crown Realty IV Limited Partnership

Created 2017
$234 million of equity
Seven investments to date;
700,000 sq. ft.
Open for investment opportunities

Crown Realty II Core Fund

Created 2015
$335 million of assets*

Success Stories

Crown strives to create a smarter, more integrated, more responsible model for commercial real estate investing and management.

Repositioning To Best-In-Class

Address: 575, 600, & 675 Cochrane Drive, Markham

Strategy: Acquire three separately-titled parcels as a portfolio and divest of assets individually; increase cash flow through escalating rental rates; lease-up existing vacancies

Results: Successfully sold two of the three assets maximizing IRR of the overall investment; continuing to reposition the remaining 380,000 sq. ft. office complex to ensure best-in-class status.

Brand Repositioning

Address: 901 King Street West, Toronto

Strategy: Re-brand and re-position a building that previously appealed to back office tenants.

Results: Attracted a more diverse tenant mix including creative production, media and architecture firms; achieved LEED Silver Certification; improved base rents by 50%; achieved IRR of 20.5%.
Hear from Deluxe Entertainment.


Address: Middlegate Campus, Mississauga

Strategy: Acquire office campus and lease back a portion to the owner; launch leasing program for remainder of office building; retrofit industrial building to create flex office; server the site and divest of various components to maximize value on sale.

Results: Successfully re-positioned and leased the main office building and new flex office component to a strong tenant roster; achieved overall occupancy rate of 95%; sold one of the parcels and severed the remaining parcels to facilitate successful disposition in 2018.
Watch the transformation.

Strategic Capital Program

Address: 400 University Avenue, Toronto

Strategy: Large scale capital and leasing program after departure of anchor tenant.

Results: Successfully repositioned and leased the building to a diverse mix of tenants at higher rents; achieved committed occupancy rate of 99%; achieved IRR in excess of 20.0%.

Adding Value Through Intensification

Address: 90 Sheppard Avenue East

Strategy: Acquire office property with the capacity for additional density through a re-zoning process.

Results: Identified opportunity to intensify the site with additional residential condominium density; sold excess land in addition to a portion of the parking lot to a condominium developer; enhanced the existing parking garage to provide better parking ratios for office tenants.

Joining Forces for Success

Address: 11, 15, 19 & 27 Allstate Parkway

Strategy: Crown acquired Allstate Corporate Centre in a joint venture partnership with another real estate investment management company in 2016. Commanding an outstanding address at Highway 7 and the Highway 404 interchange the campus is recognizable by its distinctive central square and global tenant base including Allstate Insurance, Huawei, Oracle, Grant Thornton and more. Crown’s plan is to revitalize this campus and execute a strategic capital plan to restore the campus to a ‘best in class’ standard in the market.
View the campus.