Creating a smarter, more responsible model for commercial real estate investing and management

Crown acquires, leases, manages and redevelops commercial real estate assets in Canada. We invest in relationships: connecting capital with opportunities, organizations with engaging workspaces and buildings with their communities.

Dedicated Asset Management

A Crown building is an actively managed one. We work tirelessly to elevate each asset’s profile. For each property, a multi-disciplinary team of Crown professionals with expertise in investing, asset management, property management, construction and leasing develop a comprehensive strategic plan to deliver the best experience for our tenants and achieve higher performance for our investors.

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Investment Savvy

At Crown, we specialize in identifying undervalued real estate assets and optimizing every detail of operations to maximize their value. With our reputation and long-standing relationships, Crown often gains early access to opportunities. To this we add our rigorous due diligence methodology. Once the decision is made to acquire an asset, we establish debt and equity financing solutions to maximize investor returns and minimize risk. From re-zoning and redevelopment to property branding and parking operations, no consideration is too small…or too big.

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Taking the Lead on Leasing

We actively seek the best and brightest organizations as tenants. Our leasing team are experienced at matching tenant needs with our properties’ offerings, helping to unlock efficiency and productivity to maximize our tenant’s business potential.

Relocating to a Crown building is easy. Through a seamless leasing process, a variety of construction options and the creative structuring of lease terms, Crown is able to attract and retain a unique roster of businesses within its portfolio.

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Property Management Focused

We strive to be the manager of choice for tenants. By understanding what high performing businesses and their employees value, we deliver the details that businesses appreciate most from welcoming lobbies, to on-site amenities (including concierge services, fitness clubs and shared meeting spaces), to shuttle buses and initiatives that benefit the wellbeing of occupants. The customer and client experience is our priority. Our in-house construction management team can facilitate any fit-out, partnering with our tenants to create customized workplace solutions that suit each organization’s needs.

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