A Summer Full of Fun-Filled Tenant Events: A Recap!

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September 27, 2023

At Crown, we take great pride in fostering a vibrant community within the office buildings we manage across the GTA and GOA. This past summer, our dedication to our tenants was evident as we organized and hosted a series of exciting events that brought people together. With the summer coming to an end, we wanted to take a moment and recap some of the tenant events that took place, including tenant barbecues, fired roasted corn huts, food truck extravaganzas, and many more!

Throughout the summer months, we organized several tenant barbecues across our properties, providing an opportunity for tenants to gather, mingle, and enjoy some delicious food. Our dedicated team arranged for professional caterers to set up mouthwatering barbecues, ensuring all dietary preferences were catered to. These events fostered a sense of community and boosted employee morale within the buildings.

In addition to barbecues, we organized fire roasted corn huts in collaboration with local vendors. Tenants were treated to the sweet and smoky aroma of freshly roasted corn on the cob, expertly prepared right outside their buildings. This unique experience not only satisfied their taste buds but also served as a fantastic conversation starter, encouraging networking and meaningful interactions among peers.

A few other notable highlights include our food truck event, meet the bees event, and outdoor movie night. Overall, our tenant events succeeded in creating a sense of workplace community and camaraderie. We look forward to organizing more exciting events in the future, continually enhancing the overall tenant experience within our Crown managed office buildings.

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