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Earth Week at Crown


Sustainability is a part of everything we do at Crown. From investment management and acquisitions to asset management and leasing, design and construction and property management, our goal is to make our workplaces safer and healthier all while reducing our environmental footprint.

Our ESG strategy recognizes human, economic and environmental factors as they relate to the four pillars of our business: our team, our tenants, our investors and our local communities. During Earth Week, which took place between March 19 to 23, 2021, we engaged with our building occupants through a series of webinars focused on taking active steps to protect our environment. These educational virtual sessions featured presentations from industry leading professionals and organizations and gave members of our office community valuable information on how to take care of our planet at home and at work.

Our Earth Week series of webinars included:

Recycling Tips and Myths
presented by Wasteco

Recycling Plant

A “Recycling Tips and Myths” webinar presented by Wasteco, which featured a behind the scenes look at the waste and recycling industry and how it works. They delved into the difference between residential and commercial waste collection, different types of plastic and how anaerobic digestions breaks down organic waste. They also busted some common myths about recycling and provided tips on how we can all make improvements in our daily lives when it comes to recycling.


Climate Crisis presented by Bullfrog Power

Climate Change

Bullfrog Power spoke about climate change and the crisis our planet is currently facing. They provided an in depth look on how climate change is adversely affecting earth’s ecosystems and the negative impacts the warming temperatures are having on the planet. Through their presentation, Bullfrog Power also provided some great insights on what we as a society can do collectively to combat global warming.


The World of Bees presented by Alvéole

Bees Earth Week

Urban beekeeping organization, Alvéole, provided an eye-opening discussion on the lifecycle of the bee – the irreplaceable insect behind a third of all the food we eat, which include fruits, vegetables, chocolate, nuts, and coffee. The immersive, conference-style workshop provided fascinating details on urban beekeeping, the hive structure and how vital bees are to our planet.

Did you know? Crown has beehives at eight of its properties across the Greater Toronto Area – 675 Cochrane Drive, Allstate Corporate Centre, 101 McNabb Street, 90 Sheppard Avenue East, Carlson Commons, 901 King Street West, 2425 Matheson Boulevard East and 1004 Middlegate Road all have beehives installed.

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