Supporting our Bees

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December 8, 2022

The Crown family is growing, we’ve adopted 850,000+ honeybees.  Urban beekeeping was introduced on the rooftops of select buildings, supported by those buildings’ occupants. These rooftop hives are important, as they help to address the decline in the population of urban pollinators.  

The honeybees are living across our portfolio with 17 hives at 12 unique locations across the Greater Toronto Area and Ottawa.

In partnership with Alveole, we’ve been able to repurpose our unused spaces into a way of reconnecting our community and contributing to more sustainable cities and food systems.  

In 2022, Crown honeybees have pollinated approximately 340 square kilometers and harvested approximately 240 kgs of honey.  

We plan to continue this initiative into 2023 and beyond.  

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