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DECked Out

Dundas Edward Centre (DEC) is a professional office complex in the heart of Toronto’s Discovery District. Recently, the property’s 4-story, 300 stall parking structure underwent a signage renovation project where bold graphics featuring vibrant colours and intuitive wayfinding that are as eye catching as they are functional, were installed.

DEC Parking Deck


Committed to every detail of a building’s design, Crown worked with B+H Architects restyle the parkade’s exterior aesthetic increasing its visibly and functionality. The structure’s new graphic elements were also designed to blend and balance into the lively downtown location and surrounding neighbhourhood that the property is located in.

Dundas Edward Centre is comprised of 180 Dundas Street West and 123 Edward Street and is located one block east of University Avenue. The property is 150 metres from St Patrick subway station, Yonge/Dundas Square, The Eaton Centre and Toronto’s Financial District.

For leasing opportunities at Dundas Edward Centre click here.

DEC Old Parking Structure