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Crown’s Gary Summers featured in The Globe and Mail

Energy Savings

Successful energy retrofits of commercial buildings, especially for Class B and C, are seen by conservation advocates as the next frontier if Canada, as pledged by the federal government, is to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030.

Crown’s Gary Summers, Partner, Operations and Construction, talks to the Globe and Mail about Crown’s commitment to a sustainable, high performance and energy efficient portfolio.

Scott Rouse, managing partner of Energy@Work, which advises companies on shaving energy and utility costs, puts a premium on training front-line operators. “Success depends on having a process, energy management products and trained people in place,” he says.

One of his clients, Toronto-based Crown Property Management Inc., a commercial real estate investment and management firm, took advantage of then-available incentives from Toronto Hydro to map out an energy management “action plan.” For low and no-cost savings, the company revised schedules for lighting, heating and cooling, but also carried out formal energy audits. Building operators received regular training and over time, unprompted, spotted other cost savings.

As a result, eight of the company’s Toronto-area buildings cut kilowatt hour usage by 21 per cent over the past two years, as verified by Toronto Hydro.

“It is an awesome achievement when we save anything,” says Gary Summers, partner, operations and construction for Crown. “It allows us to put more our resources towards managing our tenants and working with them to stay.”