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Crown thinks Green

In celebration of earth month this year Crown took part in multiple portfolio-wide initiatives.  To start off, we kept up our tradition of partaking in a 20-minute community clean up.  At each of our buildings our team and our tenants gathered to clean the surrounding areas of the building, creating a cleaner community one building at a time.  

This year, in addition to promoting a cleaner environment, we took a step back by giving our tenants an opportunity to vote on their favorite sustainable building initiatives and projects. Large survey boards have been set up in lobbies across our portfolio to find out what our tenants love most about working in our green buildings and where we can spend more time evolving our programming in the future. 

Some staple initiatives in our green buildings include recycling and composting programs, EV charging stations, wellness programing, access to greenspace and biophilic design, waste audits and several energy-saving protocols, to name a few.   

For several years we have been converting previously underutilized rooftops and outdoor spaces at our properties to help support local communities and encourage biodiversity in our urban areas. At the end of each season, we harvest the honey and produce grown to share with our building community: 

In 2022, Crown supported 850,000+ honeybees that pollinated approximately 340 square kilometers and harvested approximately 240 kgs of honey. In collaboration with Alvéole and  Microhabitat, we plan to install 22 new beehives and five gardens across Crown’s portfolio this year. 

500 Edible plants have been grown in our MicroHabitat urban farms which provide food and shelter for pollinators and other beneficial insects. 

300 Pounds of vegetables, edible flowers and herbs that were harvested from each urban farm every summer! All of the produce was donated to local food banks and our local community. 

Every garden outputs produce for 30 meals offered to the Breakfast Club of Canada to eradicate food insecurity and give people access to healthy food. 

Through these initiatives we are able to inform, inspire, empower, share skills, knowledge, and build meaningful collaborative relationships with people by reconnecting them with nature through great team bonding experiences. 

As we continue to expand these sustainable programs, we hope to help build healthier communities, societies, and cities. We look forward to continuing to build a greener community by supporting the earth- for not only one month, but every day.  

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