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Crown is Committed to Health & Well-Being

Crown is an avid promoter of sustainability initiatives across its building operations. The on-going concerns associated with the health and wellness of all building occupants is our top priority.

To ensure the successful full-time return to the workplace, Crown has implemented and continues to investigate a number of measures that are centred around health and wellness, including the following:

  1. Rigorous cleaning and sanitization protocols focusing on building occupancy and high touch points.
  2. Testing the application of technologies, including sensors that provide real-time occupancy analytics.
  3. Reviewing all recommendations related to specialized equipment and procedures to improve indoor air quality.
  4. Incorporating touch-free technologies and automatic sensors throughout common areas.
  5. Reinforcing good hygiene practices with bold signage and regular tenant communications.
  6. Pursuing health and well-being building certifications such as Fitwel.
  7. Reinventing Crown’s model suites program as “Safe + Suites”a model suite that offers prospective tenants an immediate solution for a healthier workplace.

Prioritizing health and wellness within our office communities will promote the continued successful return to the workplace.