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Beyond Earth Hour

Beyond Earth Hour

Sustainability is an integral part of Crown as an organization. We are committed to implementing industry best practices that ensure the health, resilience and well-being of our employees, tenants, buildings, surrounding communities and the greater environment.

Over the week leading up to Earth Hour, which took place on March 30th of this year, Crown took part in the 2019 BOMA Toronto Beyond Earth Hour Challenge – an initiative which encourages properties to find ways to reduce energy consumption over a week, while still maintaining building performance and management standards. All Crown properties participated in this initiative and all applicable Tenants joined us in the Tenant Challenge category of the program, which focused on the collective conservation efforts of both tenant and landlord.

We worked closely with our occupants and building staff to reduce energy consumption over the course of the week through various strategies such as utilizing real-time energy monitoring, turning off non-essential lighting and power when possible, optimizing lighting controls, motion sensors and adjusting cooling temperature set points.

Over the course of the week, we realized energy-saving strategies that drove down operational costs and decreased excess energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. The combined efforts across our portfolio resulted in energy savings of 34,850.62 kWh’s reduced! Which is the Environmental Protection Agency EPA equivalent of 4.3 homes electricity use for a year.

We would like to recognize Allstate Corporate Centre which contributed an energy reduction savings of 6,963.24 kWh, 180 Dundas Street West, which demonstrated an energy savings of 8,776.98 kWh and 2233 Argentia Road which reduced energy consumption by an outstanding 12,121.20 kWh!

Moving beyond Earth Hour, we are committed to working internally and with our tenants to find operational efficiencies and build upon the strategies we implemented in the week leading up to Earth Hour to ensure energy and environmental savings year-round.