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400 University Earns LEED Gold

Since acquiring 400 University Avenue in 2010, Crown has invested almost $10M dollars in capital expenditures at 400 University. The building has undergone extensive renovations, leased 140,000 sq. ft. off office space and has recently earned LEED Gold certification and BOMA Best level 3 status. Here’s how:

Replaced existing windows with insulated double-pane glass & frames:

2015 energy consumption expected to be down 10%

Secure bicycle parking:

New bicycle storage and private shower facilities accommodate 80% of the workforce that takes alternate modes of transportation to work.


Renovations to the building’s lobby, elevator banks, corridors and bathrooms have increased tenant engagement and assisted in leasing success.


Introduced drought tolerant landscaping surrounding the building, a method that saves 36,474L of water annually.

Waste program:

Implemented a comprehensive waste program which has assisted in diverting 70% of the building’s waste from landfil.


Replaced 95% of lighting fixtures within the building with LEDs, exceeding LEED exemplary performance requirement.

LEED Gold Certified