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3rd Annual Recognition for Crown at ClimateWise Awards

Crown is proud to announce its 3rd annual participation and recognition in the ClimateWise Building Challenge. This York Region-wide friendly competition between buildings has a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving buildings’ energy efficiency through collaboration, education, and innovation.

101 McNabb was awarded the building challenge for the “Biggest Reducer of Natural Gas, EUI and Greenhouse Gas Award” for our team’s ingenuity. Practice at 101 McNabb was to run four boilers in the summertime for dehumidification purposes. The boilers ran 24/7 to reduce the muggy environment. Two of the four boilers were recently replaced with highly efficient models allowing the system to be redesigned to run on a sliding scale to maintain the ideal temperature and dehumidification. During the summer months, one boiler is now sufficient to maintain a comfortable environment in the building.

Crown closely monitors and benchmarks its energy use and emissions with up-to-date data on output and savings month-over-month. Together with the ClimateWise Business Network, Crown will ensure to take full advantage of energy, environmental and cost savings in our endeavors and beyond.

We look forward to continuing our work with our management and operation teams and our tenants to act on climate change, build healthier building environments and further reduce our carbon footprint.


About The ClimateWise Building Challenge
The ClimateWise Building Challenge, a program of ClimateWise Business Network and Windfall Ecology Centre, will facilitate, support, and mentor York Region buildings to reach energy and greenhouse gas reduction targets. We provide you with a plan of action with detailed resources and technical support throughout the competition. This includes energy saving tips, energy benchmarking tools, and advice from industry leaders. Learn more