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101 McNabb Street awarded BOMA BEST® Platinum Certification

101 McNabb

Crown Property Management Inc. is proud to announce that 101 McNabb Street has earned the BOMA BEST® Sustainable Buildings Platinum certification, the highest distinction awarded for excellence in energy performance and environmental management in commercial real estate. As part of 101 McNabb Street’s rigorous certification process, an extensive online application was completed, supporting documentation was submitted, and a third-party verifier visited the building to evaluate the property and validate the application.

101 McNabb

Achieving BOMA BEST® Platinum certification stands as a testament to the ongoing commitment of Crown Property Management Inc. and OP Trust Office Inc. to make sustainability a vital part of the building’s future. Crown would also like to recognize tenants for their role in this achievement and their continued support in accomplishing 101 McNabb Street’s sustainability and wellness goals. This accolade distinguishes 101 McNabb Street as a top-in-class facility exceeding industry best practices and showcases Crown’s dedication to responsible and efficient building operation and ongoing improvement.

Achieving BOMA