Our Investors

Efficient, High Performance Buildings

Crown’s Environmental and Sustainability Policy requires regular audits and assessments to ensure all federal, provincial and municipal requirements are exceeded.

Crown regularly analyzes historic utility consumption and cost trends for continued improvement in building efficiency year-over-year and quick identification of any anomalistic consumption patterns.

Our Approach to Investments

Crown specializes in optimizing every detail of a commercial property to maximize value. Crown’s interests are always aligned with those of our investors. Our partners benefit from a strong alignment of interests as Crown Partners commit to co-invest.

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2019 Gresb Participation

Crown is pleased to announce it has achieved a 5-star ranking in the 2019 Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark, a global standard for benchmarking sustainability performance for real asset investments. Read More ➜

Committed to a Sustainable Future

Crown is committed to corporate sustainability and responsibility and prioritizes best management practices. Sustainability is critical to the long-term success and resilience of the portfolio and also ensures the success of our programs. Crown applies a number of industry standards and benchmarks.

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Crown achieved a 5-star ranking in the GRESB in its first year reporting on its overall sustainability strategy.

In 2019, Crown ranked 7th out of 42 participants in the non-listed office peer group across North America, a notable achievement, given the prestigious list of firms within the group.

Crown’s submission also earned the Green Star designation for meeting score thresholds in the Management & Policy and Implementation & Measurement categories, confirming Crown’s portfolio-wide sustainability policy and practices.