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Food Drive

We believe no mother or father should struggle to feed their child and no one should go to bed hungry. You can help by donating to the Crown Food Drive.

Food Drive Food Drive

Food Drive Items

Week 1

Nov 21: Dry Pasta
Nov 22: Canned Corn
Nov 23: Rice
Nov 24: Macaroni & Cheese
Nov 25: Package of Cookies

Week 2

Nov 28: Box of Stuffing
Nov 29: Oatmeal
Nov 30: Apple Sauce
Dec 01: Crackers
Dec 02: Chicken Noodle Soup

Week 3

Dec 05: Pasta Sauce
Dec 06: Jar of Baby Food
Dec 07: Canned Tuna
Dec 08: Canned Fruit or Veggies
Dec 09: Soup

Week 4

Dec 12: Peanut Butter
Dec 13: Canned Beans
Dec 14: Canned Tomatoes
Dec 15: Granola Bars
Dec 16: Cereal

Bonus Items